Is your company template time-saving and user friendly?

You can save time with a custom PowerPoint template. Most likely you already have a template, but even though logo, colors, fonts, etc. match your company's visual identity it can still be both difficult and time-consuming having to adjust new visuals and charts (or elements from a completely different presentation) to the specific guidelines you have to follow.

Get a template that is more user-friendly

  • A PowerPoint library with the most used shapes and charts that are designed to follow your guidelines so they can be easily copied to any presentation. The library helps ensure a consistent look and feel in all your presentations because the visual details (all those small things that help with the overall professional look) have already been taken care of.
  • Guidelines for how your organization should work with PowerPoint so they are always readily available. This could also include a set of "real life" slides to show what a finished result should look like.

Based on our work with thousands of presentations we have created a set of ready to use visuals that can easily be copied to your corporate template and adjusted as you see fit.

"Before we got The Visuals Collection, we often created presentations that didn’t have a common look. Creating slides from scratch took a lot of time. Now we start by finding the visuals that support our message, use them as-is, or modify and combine them."

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The Visuals Collection

Add up to 367 ready-to-use visuals to your corporate template

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