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Creating effective business communication - often using PowerPoint - is consistently in the top 10 of skills companies are looking for. Knowing how to use PowerPoint is often a great start, but it is also essential to know how to structure information into a consistent and easy to follow storyline.

Get your existing skills fine-tuned and expanded with our on-demand video course

Based on our work and experience as instructors/facilitators in various corporate settings we have created a video course that will guide you on how to structure your content so your audience knows exactly what you want them to focus and act on.

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The video course works well on its own, but we see great results when combining it with a follow-up workshop, especially if you want to ensure the knowledge is spread consistently department- or company-wide. In the workshop, we focus on hands-on exercises, working with the participants' own presentations.

Contact us to discuss options for how to combine our video course with a workshop so you can practice what you learned.

"The topics covered were relevant to me and I can apply the content in my job."

Engineering Company | Engineering employee

"The presenters were good at communicating. I really liked the structuring part. It's very important when I need to create a good presentation and time is limited that I have a framework I can use."

Engineering Company | Consulting employee

"The training gave us a common understanding of how to clearly and effectively structure a story. The instructors did an excellent job getting their points across and the examples and exercises allowed us to try it ourselves. The training has changed the way we create presentations – our stories and arguments now connect more powerfully."

Consulting Company | Manager and Partner

Structure & Storyline video course

Learn how to structure your business presentations to ensure maximum impact. Watch this video for a short description of what you will get in this course.

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