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Creating effective business communication - often using PowerPoint - is consistently in the top 10 skills companies are looking for. Knowing how to use PowerPoint is a great start, but it is also essential to know how to structure information into a consistent and easy-to-follow storyline.

On-demand video course: Get your existing skills fine-tuned and expanded

Based on our work and experience as instructors/facilitators in various corporate settings we have created a video course that will guide you on how to structure your content so your audience knows exactly what you want them to focus and act on.

"The Presentation Workshop": Our company-specific in-person workshop 

How do you approach your presentation in a structured way to make sure you communicate your main message?

If you simply open PowerPoint and start adding content you can end up with a presentation that has no beginning, middle, or end and no overall message.

Even if a presentation contains all the information you want to present, it can leave your audience confused. Even worse, your audience might walk away with the wrong message. Planning your presentation in a structured manner helps to make sure you deliver your message.

Is it ok to have information-heavy slides even when you’re presenting the content in person?

If you don't consider how your presentation is going to be used, you may end up with what some have called “Death by PowerPoint". We’ve all been there: bad PowerPoint slides presented during long meetings in which the presenter is basically just reading the slides to the audience.

It's one thing to create a presentation that needs to work as a stand-alone report, but creating a presentation that is to be used as an actual presentation is a different game.

The goal of this workshop is to enable presentation creators to achieve a stronger impact with audiences or readers by delivering the intended message without unnecessary distractions. Also, it will enable presentation creators to make the right decision as to how much content should be in the presentation vs. what can be said by the presenter.

After the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic principles behind how audiences/readers take in information
  • Follow a step-by-step approach to content creation
  • Decide the right structure for the content to get the intended message across
  • To improve the way PowerPoint is used depending on the audience, setting, and purpose of the presentation
  • To focus more on how to get the message across to an audience
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in meetings with dense slide decks


The first part is a general theoretical session with generic and simplified examples and group discussions. The second part is based on real-life examples from the participants. The instructor will facilitate discussions and group work around these examples. We recommend keeping the workshop to 3 hours to ensure full focus from participants. Each participant has access to the instructor(s) for 1 month after the session where they can get help/sparring/follow up for 1 hour.

Contact us to discuss options that work best for you and your team. We look forward to hearing from you!

"The topics covered were relevant to me and I can apply the content in my job."

Engineering Company | Engineering employee

"The presenters were good at communicating. I really liked the structuring part. It's very important when I need to create a good presentation and time is limited that I have a framework I can use."

Engineering Company | Consulting employee

"The training gave us a common understanding of how to clearly and effectively structure a story. The instructors did an excellent job getting their points across and the examples and exercises allowed us to try it ourselves. The training has changed the way we create presentations – our stories and arguments now connect more powerfully."

Consulting Company | Manager and Partner

Structure & Storyline video course

Learn how to structure your business presentations to ensure maximum impact. Watch this video for a short description of what you will get in this course.

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